TAWAN Golf Mlada Boleslav

A heavenly oasis awaits you at the outskirts of Mladá Boleslav, a perfect place to gather strength and enjoy endless pleasant moments. You do not have to concentrate just on well-hit drives but you can also complete your day with a luxurious Thai massage. Thanks to our gentle masseues and their skilled hands, all your troubles will be guaranteed to disappear and your soul will find itself in a state of endless harmony. You do not have to be members of the golf club in order to enjoy to undergo the procedure of your choice. However, if you arrive to play golf, our Thai masseuses will make sure that after a day spent on the course, you will truly relax your body and soul.

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TAWAN Golf Mlada Boleslav

Michalovice 72
293 01 Mladá Boleslav
Tel: (+420) 326 327 272
GSM: (+420) 739 456 992

Opening hours

Wed-Sun:9am – 9pm


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  • Parking free
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TAWAN Golf Mlada Boleslav

Massage type 30 min. 60 min. 90 min. 120 min. 150 min. 180 min.
Classic Thai   1190 CZK 1490 CZK 1790 CZK    
Aroma Oil   1390 CZK 1690 CZK 1990 CZK    
Royal Thai     1590 CZK      
Royal Aroma     1790 CZK      
KOMBI   1450 CZK 1750 CZK 2050 CZK    
OFFICE Therapy 45 & 75min !! 1040 CZK 1440 CZK        
Back   1390 CZK        
Slim     1990 CZK      
Detox       2490 CZK    
Face 590 CZK          
Foot 590 CZK 990 CZK        
Foot and Hand   1390 CZK        
Facial Treatment   1290 CZK        
Anti-Stress 690 CZK          
Pregnancy   1390 CZK        
Healthy Mum   1390 CZK        
Hot Chocolate   1490 CZK 1890 CZK 2290 CZK    
Coconut Dream       2490 CZK    
TAWAN Touch         2990 CZK  
Honey   1490 CZK 1890 CZK 2290 CZK    
Golf   1490 CZK 1890 CZK 2290 CZK    
Argan Oil - new   1590 CZK 1890 CZK 2190 CZK    
Euforia Oil   1590 CZK 1890 CZK 2190 CZK    
Hands 590 CZK          

To pay for our services, gift vouchers and credits in TAWAN massage centers, we accept Sodexo, Edenred, Le Chéque Déjeuner vouchers/gift vouchers. You can also pay in USD or EUR. We also accept credit/debit cards VISA and Master Card. Do not hesitate to contact us regarding alternative payment methods.