• Enter the world of Thai massages

    Tawan is the Thai meaning of the Sun, a shining Sun, the rays of which can cast away the shadows in our souls. We would like you to also experience this life-bearing warmth, pleasant atmosphere and the scents of the remote Orient, which will bring back the energy you lost.

  • Where the East meets the West

    We brought the remote traditions and art of Thailand to the heart of Europe. Thailand is a land, which is considered to be the cradle of massage. Indulge yourself in the renowned Thai cordiality and let yourself be carried away by the scent of orchids and Sandalwood.

  • Discover the energy in you

    Enter the Thai World of Tawan and you will discover that attentive and gentle care that your body will experience, will uplift your soul and awaken all your senses. You will be empowered and will enjoy the harmony of human touch.

  • Visit a place, where time stops ...

    A place, which acts as a refuge and oasis at the same time, a place full of sunrays, which do not burn. A place, which is a true miracle, an Orient mirrored in its completeness and harmony thousands of kilometers away.

31. 08. 2014

Warning on scam emails!

Based on your incoming messages, we would like to draw attention to the fraudulent emails frequently pointing to you from the email address lamellarly@tawan.cz. This address is non-existent. Email contains fabricated news about the execution proceedings with different amounts and bank accounts. Unfortunately we can not stand up against these attacks by hackers (skilled programmer can send email messages from any address without access to the domain) so at least this way we call for not opening these emails and especially not send any funds. Thank you for your understanding.

25. 06. 2014

Join the TAWAN club = one-time discount 40% - closed

Join the TAWAN Club and get a voucher with a one-time 40% discount off your first massage. This voucher can be used in two persons and both will receive the discount! The voucher is valid only for newly registered until AUG 31st, 2014. Discount off only massages not gift vouchers, it is not combinable with other discounts or special offers and it is required to pay in cash or by credit card. Discount voucher will be sent to you in PDF form to your email no later than 2 days of registering online or info@tawan.cz. Thank you for your understanding.

22. 05. 2014

Let yourself be tempted by TAWAN Thai massages:-).

24. 03. 2014

NEW! Lymphatic drainage in TAWAN Italska center

Newly offered in TAWAN Italska center, Prague 2 - Lymphatic drainage LYMPHA. Massage helps remove cellulite, swelling, heavy legs syndrome, also helps to slim the figure, regenerates skin and meanwhile effectively detoxifies the body. Lymphatic drainage affects the lymphatic system, which consists of lymph vessels and nodes. Lymphatic drainage compresses the limb and produces pressure waves that are trying to restore both lymphatic and venous system. Therapy is also found very relaxing. We use the best device on the market Lymphastim 12 Topline from BTL.

Lymphatic drainage TAWANLymphatic drainage TAWAN
01. 03. 2014

Special Gift Package

We have prepared a special gift for every occasion. This is the previously mentioned Special gift box with a book full of gift vouchers. In a nice gift box recipient of the gift package finds a booklet with vouchers for complimentary 90-minute massage, complimentary 30-minute birthday massage of his choice also voucher to get the best possible offer so-called 1+1 free and many other benefits. Gift Box, called SPECIAL GIFT PACKAGE you can buy in Prague centers personally or you can order them online.

01. 11. 2013

Alqvimia treatments with a special discount in TAWAN Rezidence Vysehrad!

Special 30% discount off all four Alqvimia treatments in the TAWAN Rezidence Vysehrad center until further notice. Discount isn't valid on gift vouchers. In the TAWAN Nikolina center in Carlsbad you can find Alqvimia treatments even more attractive with an outstanding discount of 50%. We are looking forward to seeing you soon:-).

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