• Enter the world of Thai massages

    Tawan is the Thai meaning of the Sun, a shining Sun, the rays of which can cast away the shadows in our souls. We would like you to also experience this life-bearing warmth, pleasant atmosphere and the scents of the remote Orient, which will bring back the energy you lost.

  • Where the East meets the West

    We brought the remote traditions and art of Thailand to the heart of Europe. Thailand is a land, which is considered to be the cradle of massage. Indulge yourself in the renowned Thai cordiality and let yourself be carried away by the scent of orchids and Sandalwood.

  • Discover the energy in you

    Enter the Thai World of Tawan and you will discover that attentive and gentle care that your body will experience, will uplift your soul and awaken all your senses. You will be empowered and will enjoy the harmony of human touch.

  • Visit a place, where time stops ...

    A place, which acts as a refuge and oasis at the same time, a place full of sunrays, which do not burn. A place, which is a true miracle, an Orient mirrored in its completeness and harmony thousands of kilometers away.

16. 11. 2015


You don't have to wait any longer for Christmas gifts. This year we announce special discount up to 30% now and it is valid until DEC 31st, 2015. Christmas discount 30% off gift vouchers comes when you buy 3 or more gift vouchers. Discount 20% comes when you buy amount of 2 gift vouchers and discount 10% with a single gift voucher. The Special offer is valid with payment only in cash or by card and it is not combinable with any other discount, offer nor gift certificates. You can order online here: ONLINE ESHOP TAWAN .


We deeply apologize for being monolingual and please shall you need any assistance or help please contact our TAWAN Hotel President reception desk where all purchases are processed. T. (+420) 721 731 401 or reception@tawan.cz.

The discount can be applied to gift vouchers containing - specific massage, packages, credit of a certain value.

05. 11. 2015

NEWLY OPEN - TAWAN Icon - Prague!

Let us inform you the awesome news that NOV 9th we open the new Thai massage parlor now at the comfortable, stylish, and sophisticated Hotel Icon located in Prague’s historic city center. We have prepared our full menu of massages and now throughout November in the introductory 20% discount. You can make a reservation calling (+420) 221 634 109 and also online. More informations can be found here: en.tawan.cz/icon

04. 08. 2015


Check out the hot new massage with Argan Oil. Argan oil is regarded among the rarest and most expensive oils in the world, so called Moroccan or liquid gold. Virgin oil is 100% pure and cold pressed out of Argan nuts. It is great for all skin types, but also it is highly recommended to irritated or red skin, rheumatism, anti-wrinkle, provides vitamins to hair and nails. It is also effective in removing scars after childbirth, heals skin in eczema, psoriasis or acne. Also suitable for sunbathing - due to the content of the natural solar filter protects the skin against sunburn and helps tanning. In all TAWANs in Prague, Brno and Karlovy Vary can be found in these lenghts - 60, 90 and 120 minutes.

01. 07. 2015


Download the new mobile phone app - TAWAN. Latest news, full contacts, our treatments menu, pricing, online reservation and purchase of gift vouchers, or TAWAN Club all this and more at your fingertips... for Apple: https://itunes.apple.com/cz/app/tawan-wellness/id968717860?mt=8 for Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=cz.anywhere.tawan

22. 06. 2015

New TAWAN Magazine (CZE only) is out!

Still didn't have a time to pick up your personal copy of new TAWAN Mag in Czech? Doesn't matter! Now you can find it here! We wish you a lucky day...

22. 06. 2015


We cordially invite you to the 3rd celebration of 9th birthday of Tawan Thai massage centers and this time we start JULY 4th, 2015 at 2pm at Mlynske nabrezi 1 not far from the very popular Carlsbad colonnade. During the evening you will enjoy a fashion show of Helena Fejkova, special CZECH made food from Petr Jachnin, Egoist jewelery show, special TAWAN cocktails from the Havana Ambassador Petr Slovak and luxury chocolates from DarujCokoladu.cz. You can't also miss our Thai massages, a lots of prosecco and a lucky draw! Throughout the day from the morning in all our premises discount 40% off gift certificates for all massages! HELENA FEJKOVA, JACHNINOVY TAŠTIČKY, EGOIST, DARUJ ČOKOLÁDU.

01. 02. 2015

Wellness Valentine package - Hotel Maltezsky Kriz

Third Valentine's Dayoffer is a package of TAWAN Thai massages and Hotel Maltese Cross - 1) Accommodation with breakfast 2) two 60min Thai massages of your choice 3) free entrance to swimming pool area. 1 night - 1900CZK and 2 nights - 2490CZK! Wi-Fi, LED TV and Minibar in every room. Bookings possible on the phone and gift vouchers possible to buy at www.tawantime.cz/certifikaty. More about the hotel www.maltezskykriz.cz/en. Special offer and gift vouchers valid until MARCH 31st, 2015.

17. 12. 2014

PF 2015

We wish you a happy New Year, only the best, strong health, happiness and especially huge personal success and preferably also a lot of undisturbed relaxation :-). Your TAWAN...

27. 10. 2014

Let yourself be tempted by TAWAN Thai massages:-).

25. 09. 2014

Golf tournament - TAWAN in Cihelny

We cordially invite you to a traditional TAWAN golf open tournament this time held in Cihelny on OCT 5th, 2014 starting at 10am. You will enjoy the good weather (already ordered:-), lots of interesting prizes worth CZK70.000, everyone will compete directly against PRO - Lukas Tintera and of course do you will not miss TAWAN free Thai massages before and after the tournament. We are looking forward to seeing you soon...

24. 03. 2014

NEW! Lymphatic drainage in TAWAN Italska center

Newly offered in TAWAN Italska center, Prague 2 - Lymphatic drainage LYMPHA. Massage helps remove cellulite, swelling, heavy legs syndrome, also helps to slim the figure, regenerates skin and meanwhile effectively detoxifies the body. Lymphatic drainage affects the lymphatic system, which consists of lymph vessels and nodes. Lymphatic drainage compresses the limb and produces pressure waves that are trying to restore both lymphatic and venous system. Therapy is also found very relaxing. We use the best device on the market Lymphastim 12 Topline from BTL.

Lymphatic drainage TAWANLymphatic drainage TAWAN
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